Rice Inverse Transliterator (RIT) Software

RIT (Rice Inverse Transliterator) is the name of the a typesetting package for Telugu, built on top of LaTeX package. To put it simply, by running this program on transliterated English text, one can get a display of the text in telugu script. Also one can have the telugu text printed on a printer. But, there is much more to it. It supports all the formatting capablities of LaTeX. Hence, for those who don't mind learning LaTeX, this package provides a powerful set of typesetting capabilities.

This public-domain software was developed by Rama Rao Kanneganti and Ananda Kishore. RIT 3.0, a major rewrite of RIT 2.0, is developed by Ramana Juvvadi and Ramarao Kanneganti . You can obtain the official source of RIT 3.0 from the anonymous-ftp site ftp://sigma.bgsu.edu/pub/India/rit-3.0.tar.Z

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