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Hi Netters,

Thanks for sending me the information on this subject. Although I'm posting a summary of Telugu Teaching Material here, it is essentially the same for all of our languages. We don't have any first hand experience with these references. However, it is like anything else - just have to try it. Hope you find them useful. If you come across something that works for you, please let us know.

Audio-Forum sells a book and 9 hours cassettes by Leigh Lisker of Univ of Penn for $135. Their phone: 800- 243-1234.

Professor Velicheru Narayana Rao offers a 10 week (June 10-Aug 15) telugu course this summer at the Univ of Wisconsin, Madison.

Introduction to Spoken Telugu by Leigh Lisker (1963) published by American Council of Learned Societies, New York. I'm looking into whether any later edition is available.

Teach Yourself in 30 Days (most Indian Languages) series available in India - distributed by Higginbotthoms - should be available in major cities.

Learning Telugu in 30 days by Jiaco Publishers - available in India.

Please try search engine. A wealth of information is available. Learn Telugu in 30 Days (National Integration Language) by K. Srinivaschari and published by Hippocrene Books, ISBN: 0781802067; Spoken Telugu/Book and Cassettes; A Grammar of Modrern Telugu by Bh. Krishnamurti, J.P.L. Gwyn; etc. The Grammar book is also available from Oxford University press, New Delhi.

Let Us Read & Write Telugu by Ganesh- Sai Publications, Siddipet, Andra Pradesh, India 502 103. You can purchase a copy from Deepa Metlapalli, 65 North Point Drive, #406, Boston, MA 02125; her email: or The book was developed by her father-in-law while teaching telugu to children in this country.

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